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Posted by on in Breast Health
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Is Bottled Water Making You Fat?

Do chemicals lurking in bottled water and canned food increase your abdominal fat?

Toxins found in plastics are linked to both general obesity, and more specifically, abdominal obesity. These hormone disruptors have been primarily found in plastic, including plastic food and beverage packaging. Toxins like Bisphenol A or BPA for short, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), and phthalates are increasingly being referred to as “obesogens.”

Since BPA is a known xeno-estrogen, it’s been linked to all sorts of various health issues ranging from cancer to metabolic disorders, diabetes, and even birth defects or miscarriages. It has been long established that xeno-estrogens can trigger your body to hold onto abdominal fat (aka – stubborn belly fat).

The major offenders to look for are polycarbonate bottles (some plastics with the #7 symbol on the bottom are polycarbonate, but not all) and also canned foods, since the lining of most canned foods contains BPA, which can leach into food. 

What Can You Do To Avoid BPA?

1.     Avoid canned foods as much as possible and choose frozen or fresh foods instead.  A better alternative to canned foods is products in glass containers.

2.     If you do resort to using canned foods instead of fresh foods, try to find labels that say that the cans are free of BPA.

3.     When using plastic wrap or plastic containers for food storage, please make sure these products are labeled as BPA-free.  

4.     Do not microwave your food in plastic containers as it can increase the leaching of chemicals including BPA. Further, do not use microwaves.

5.     If you drink bottled water, or water from reusable plastic bottles, make sure that the label says BPA-free. Plastic that shows #7 on the bottom may contain BPA, but not always.  If a bottle shows “PC” on the bottom, it is made from polycarbonate, and will contain BPA.  Even some aluminum bottles may contain a lining that has BPA, please avoid these.    

Never use plastic cups for hot liquids such as hot tea or coffee.

Once you have eliminated the aggravating cause, now you can improve your health and speed up your metabolism with liver support and detoxification. For more information on liver support and detoxification please see the following blog entry.


Alexander Mostovoy is a clinician, writer, researcher, and public speaker, and is recognized as a leading authority on breast health and cancer prevention. He has lectured extensively across Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe, and has educated and trained physicians in breast cancer prevention and the use of medical thermography. He is the best selling author of the book Breast Cancer Is A Preventable Disease and a co-creator of the Breast Cancer Prevention Global Virtual Conference. He is currently in the post-production stage of a documentary on Breast Cancer called Daisies Do Not Grow In Cement.